Our Services

In our capacity as a regulatory agency, we offer services covering the resolution of regulatory breaches, asset protection, legal assistance, and authoritative market regulation.

Our Services

Labuan Exchange & Verification Network provides the following services

Regulatory law violations are at the forefront of our expertise, and we excel in providing effective solutions. Our comprehensive services extend to encompass robust asset protection measures and a wide spectrum of legal support services.

Furthermore, we assume a pivotal role as a respected regulatory authority in the market, committed to maintaining regulatory integrity and promoting the efficient functioning of diverse entities.

Offshore Enterprise Establishment

Establishing European Company Registrations

Global Expansion of Bank Account Access

Consultative Services for Legal, Financial, and Business Aspects

Expertise in License Procurement

Individual Resolutions

Our Activities

LEVN, or the Unified Commission for Oversight of Regulatory Institutions, is a multifaceted regulatory body

Entrusted with the supervision and oversight of Japan's banking, insurance, and securities industries

Our mission is to safeguard and bolster the financial stability of the largest financial market in continental Asia.

Our operational hub is strategically situated in the heart of Tokyo, where you will also find the Japanese Central Bank, the JSSM (Japanese Securities Supervision Mechanism), the Japanese Insurance Regulatory Authority, and the JIOPA (Japanese Insurance and Pension Oversight Agency).

We proudly operate as an independent governmental entity, impartially upholding the standards and regulations that govern Japan's financial sector. LEVN's financial sustenance is derived solely from the regulated firms, ensuring a streamlined approach that eliminates fees imposed on these entities. We are unwaveringly accountable to the Japanese Ministry of Finance, which serves as the steward of Japan's financial system, and to the Japanese Parliament.

Our Security

Ensuring Compensation and Asset Security

The Financial Compensation Committee, an internationally recognized entity, was established as an impartial international committee to ensure the fair and just assessment and expeditious resolution of complaints, offering a more streamlined and efficient process when compared to industry regulatory bodies and the conventional legal system.

In addition to its core functions, this committee maintains a strong collaborative link with key governmental bodies in Japan, further enhancing its commitment to safeguarding the interests of traders and the integrity of the financial system. Moreover, it remains dedicated to the protection and welfare of traders by administering the Compensation Fund.

Work results

We Guarantee a Stable Work Process

We got 10000 + customers

Our commitment to excellence and dedication to meeting the diverse needs of this extensive customer base remain unwavering. We look forward to continuing to serve and expand our reach to even more clients in the future.


We got 9000 completed returns

We have successfully processed and completed an impressive 9,000 returns. This achievement underscores our proficiency in handling a substantial volume of work and our commitment to delivering quality results.


We are 20 years on market

With two decades of experience in the market, we have established ourselves as a trusted and enduring presence in our industry. Over the past 20 years, we have consistently delivered quality services and solutions to our clients, adapting to the evolving landscape.

Our Application for refund

How the Labuan Exchange & Verification Network addresses your grievance

First Stage

Initially, LEVN conducts an assessment to ascertain the availability of your submission. In cases where the necessary information is not provided, LEVN initiates a thorough fact-finding process. This meticulous approach is integral to forming a comprehensive understanding of the company's perspective. In the majority of instances, LEVN proceeds by transmitting your correspondence to the relevant supervised company.

Second Stage

The company provides a comprehensive and detailed report to the Labuan Exchange & Verification Network, offering a thorough explanation of the rationale behind its decisions

Third Stage

Should the audit reveal that the company's decision aligns with supervisory standards, the Labuan Exchange & Verification Network will promptly communicate this outcome to you, ensuring transparency and clarity in the process.

Fourth Stage

In cases where LEVN determines its intervention as a supervisory authority is warranted, it will proceed to engage with the concerned company, addressing the matter with diligence and discretion. However, it's important to note that the Labuan Exchange & Verification Network may not be at liberty to disclose the specific details of the resolution due to confidentiality obligations, ensuring the integrity of the process.