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The significance of submitting a written complaint

One of the responsibilities of the Labuan Exchange & Verification Network is to safeguard the interests of consumers being monitored by banks, financial service providers, private insurers, and securities traders. Consequently, as a client, if you wish to register a complaint with the company, you can do so directly in accordance with section 4 of the Financial Services Supervision Act (FinDAG).

Here are some important considerations to keep in mind: You are required to submit your complaint in a written or digital format to the Labuan Exchange & Verification Network by utilizing the provided form on this website. Your correspondence should consistently contain the relevant facts and the rationale behind the complaint.

Labuan Exchange & Verification Network treats your complaint

Initial Assessment: The Saint Lucia Financial Authority reviews the information and documents you have provided to determine the feasibility of evaluating your case. If further clarification is required, they may request additional details from you and seek the company's perspective. Typically, your complaint letter is then forwarded to the relevant company for their response. Company's Response: The company in question provides the Saint Lucia Financial Authority with a detailed report, elucidating the reasons behind their decision.

Supervisory Evaluation: The Saint Lucia Financial Authority conducts an evaluation based on the information at hand. If the company's decision aligns with supervisory standards, you will be informed accordingly. Regulatory Intervention: In cases where the Saint Lucia Financial Authority deems supervisory intervention necessary, they will continue to address the issue with the involved company. However, due to confidentiality obligations, they cannot disclose the outcome of the dispute to you.

Information in complaint

The significance of submitting a written complaint

Your name and contact information.

If your complaint pertains to another individual, please provide their name and contact details.

Include the name and contact information of the company that is the subject of your complaint.

For complaints related to insurance organizations, include details such as the insurance type, insurance certificate number, and, if applicable, the claim number.

If your complaint involves a credit or financial institution, provide relevant information like deposit account, current account, savings contract, etc., along with your account or customer number and the organization's name.

If your complaint is related to the purchase of securities, also specify the identification number of the securities (WKN or ISIN) and the name of the broker's organization.

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How the Labuan Exchange & Verification Network addresses your grievance

First Stage

Initially, LEVN conducts an assessment to ascertain the availability of your submission. In cases where the necessary information is not provided, LEVN initiates a thorough fact-finding process. This meticulous approach is integral to forming a comprehensive understanding of the company's perspective. In the majority of instances, LEVN proceeds by transmitting your correspondence to the relevant supervised company.

Second Stage

The company provides a comprehensive and detailed report to the Labuan Exchange & Verification Network, offering a thorough explanation of the rationale behind its decisions

Third Stage

Should the audit reveal that the company's decision aligns with supervisory standards, the Labuan Exchange & Verification Network will promptly communicate this outcome to you, ensuring transparency and clarity in the process.

Fourth Stage

In cases where LEVN determines its intervention as a supervisory authority is warranted, it will proceed to engage with the concerned company, addressing the matter with diligence and discretion. However, it's important to note that the Labuan Exchange & Verification Network may not be at liberty to disclose the specific details of the resolution due to confidentiality obligations, ensuring the integrity of the process.