Privacy Policy

At LEVN, we take your privacy and data security seriously. Our Privacy Policy is designed to ensure that you have complete transparency about how we collect, use, and protect your personal information

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy ("Policy") is relevant to all data that may be collected about you while using the LEVN website and its sub-domains, as well as any associated programs and products.

1. Definition of terms

1.1 Definitions

1.1.1. The term "Site Administration" (referred to as "the Administration" hereafter) pertains to authorized employees responsible for managing the site, overseeing personal data processing, determining the purpose, scope, and actions related to personal data processing.

1.1.2. "Personal data" encompasses any information pertaining to an identified or identifiable individual (data subject).

1.1.3. "Processing of personal data" refers to any actions performed with personal data, such as collection, recording, systematization, storage, modification, extraction, use, transmission, anonymization, blocking, and destruction.

1.1.4. "Confidentiality of personal data" signifies the obligation to prevent the dissemination of personal data without consent or legal grounds.

1.1.5. "Site" refers to interconnected web pages available at a specific URL, including its sub-domains.

1.1.6. "Subdomains" are pages or sections located on third-level domains under the site, often featuring the Administration's contact information.

1.1.7. "Site User" (referred to as "User") denotes individuals accessing and utilizing site information, materials, and products through the internet.

1.1.8. "Cookies" are small data pieces sent by the web server to the user's computer, shared with the web server during each HTTP request.

1.1.9. "IP address" refers to the unique network address used by the User to access the site.

2. General Provisions

2.1. Usage of the site indicates the User's consent to this Privacy Policy and personal data processing terms.

2.2. If the User disagrees with the Privacy Policy terms, they must cease using the site.

2.3. This Privacy Policy is exclusive to the site and does not apply to third-party sites accessed through links on the site.

2.4. The Administration does not verify the accuracy of User-provided personal data.

3. Subject of the Privacy Policy

3.1. This Privacy Policy outlines the Administration's commitment to preserving the confidentiality and non-disclosure of personal data provided by the User during site registration or newsletter subscription.

3.2. Personal data processed under this Privacy Policy includes the following information:

3.2.1. User's full name (first name, last name, patronymic).

3.2.2. User's contact phone number.

3.2.3. User's email address.

3.2.4. User's place of residence (if necessary).

3.2.5. User's photograph (if necessary).

3.3. Automatically collected data during site visits includes:

IP address. Information from cookies. Browser data. Access timestamps. Referrer (address of the previous page).

3.3.1. Disabling cookies may restrict access to site sections requiring authorization.
3.3.2. IP address statistics are collected for technical issue prevention, detection, and resolution.

**3.4. Any other personal information beyond the specified data (e.g., visit history, browsers, and operating systems used) is securely stored and not disclosed, except as specified in section 5.2 of this Privacy Policy.

4. Purposes of Collecting User's Personal Information

4.1. The Administration may use User's personal data for the following purposes:

4.1.1. Identifying registered Users and authorizing their access.

4.1.2. Providing Users with personalized data access.

4.1.3. Establishing communication channels, including sending notices, processing requests, and addressing User inquiries.

4.1.4. Ensuring security and preventing fraud by determining User location.

4.1.5. Validating the accuracy and completeness of User-provided data.

4.1.6. Creating user accounts with their consent.

4.1.7. Sending notifications to Users via email.

4.1.8. Offering effective technical support in case of site-related issues.

4.1.9. Providing special offers, newsletters, and information with User consent.

5. Methods and Terms of Personal Information Processing

5.1. User's personal data is processed indefinitely, using lawful methods, with or without automation tools.

5.2. User's personal data may be transmitted to EU authorized state bodies based on EU legislation.

5.3. If personal data is lost or disclosed, the Administration is not obliged to inform the User.

5.4. The Administration takes necessary measures to protect User data from unauthorized access, destruction, modification, and other unlawful actions.

5.5. The Administration collaborates with the User to prevent data loss or negative consequences.

6. Rights and Obligations

6.1. User's rights:

6.1.1. Deciding whether to provide personal data and consenting to its processing.

6.1.2. Updating or amending provided personal data.

6.1.3. Receiving information on data processing, requesting data clarification, blocking, or deletion as per legal regulations.

6.2. Administration's obligations:

6.2.1. Using received data only for specified purposes in section 4 of the Privacy Policy.

6.2.2. Maintaining data confidentiality, not disclosing, selling, or publishing it without User consent, except as indicated in section 5.2.

6.2.3. Taking precautions to protect User data and maintaining confidentiality according to standard business practices.

6.2.4. Blocking User data upon request and conducting verification if data is incorrect or acquired unlawfully.

7. Liability

7.1. Administration holds responsibility for damages caused to Users due to data misuse, following EU laws, except in cases outlined in section 5.2 and 7.2 of this Privacy Policy.

7.2. The Administration is not responsible if confidential information:

7.2.1. Became public before loss or disclosure.

7.2.2. Was obtained from a third party before reaching the Administration.

7.2.3. Was disclosed with User consent.

7.3. Users are responsible for complying with EU laws and hold full liability for content and materials.

7.4. Information available on the site is under the responsibility of the content provider.

7.5. The Administration is not responsible for losses or damages caused by deletion, failure, or inability to save content and data.

7.6. Users agree that the information available on the site may be subject to intellectual property rights held by others, and Users may not modify, distribute, or create derivative works without express permission.

7.7. Users can distribute textual materials freely with appropriate attribution.

7.8. The Administration is not liable for losses resulting from site use or third-party actions.

7.9. The Administration is not responsible for information posted by Users without the copyright owner's consent.

8. Dispute Resolution

8.1. Disputes between Users and the Administration must first undergo a claim process for settlement.

8.2. The recipient of the claim must respond to the claimant within 30 calendar days.

8.3. Unresolved disputes will be referred to the Arbitration Court of Paris.

8.4. EU law applies to this Privacy Policy and User-Administration relationships.

9. Additional Conditions

9.1. The Administration can amend this Privacy Policy without User consent.

9.2. Any changes are effective when posted on the site.

9.3. Suggestions or questions can be directed to our adress.