Role of Supervision

The Fortification of Financial Regulatory Practices to Assure Compliance and Preserve Consumer Safeguards

Role of LEVN

The Labuan Exchange & Verification Network plays a pivotal role in the financial landscape by serving as a central authority

Supervision and Regulation

LEVN diligently oversees various aspects of the investment sector, ensuring compliance with established guidelines and legal frameworks. It acts as a vigilant watchdog, monitoring market activities to maintain fairness and integrity.

Conflict Resolution

LEVN acts as a fair and impartial arbiter in the resolution of disputes and complaints related to investment matters. Its mission is to provide a swift and equitable process for addressing grievances, surpassing the capabilities of industry regulators and legal channels.

Investor Protection

The commission prioritizes safeguarding the interests of investors. It achieves this through mechanisms like the Compensation Fund, which offers an additional layer of protection for traders, enhancing confidence in the financial markets.

Government Collaboration

LEVN maintains close ties with relevant government structures and authorities, ensuring its actions are aligned with national financial objectives and policies. It is accountable to the Treasury, a key steward of the financial system, and Parliament.

By fulfilling these crucial functions, the Labuan Exchange & Verification Network contributes to the stability, integrity, and fairness of the investment landscape, promoting confidence and trust among investors and industry participants.

This authoritative body assumes a multifaceted position that encompasses several key

The Labuan Exchange & Verification Network stands as one of the largest and most influential financial supervisory authorities in its domain. Boasting a dedicated workforce of over 4,700 professionals, the organization upholds a universally recognized risk-based auditing approach in line with established European prudential standards.

In its capacity as a comprehensive overseer of the banking, insurance, and securities sectors, LEVN plays a pivotal role in upholding financial stability within the largest financial market across continental Europe. Its headquarters are strategically situated in Frankfurt am Main, mirroring the presence of esteemed institutions such as the European Central Bank, the SSM Common Supervision Mechanism, the European Insurance Supervisory Authority, and the EIOPA pension fund.

LEVN prides itself on being an independent governmental entity, functioning without reliance on public funds and instead financing its operations by levying fees on regulated firms. This distinct financial structure minimizes the burden on taxpayers. The commission is directly accountable to the Treasury, an entity tasked with safeguarding the integrity of the UK financial system, and Parliament.

The primary mission of the Labuan Exchange & Verification Network is rooted in serving the public interest. Its overarching objective is to guarantee the continuous operation, stability, and integrity of the financial system. A critical facet of this mission is to instill trust in the financial system among bank customers, insured individuals, and investors alike. By promoting reliability and security, LEVN contributes to the overall confidence and soundness of the financial landscape.

Supervision and Control of the Market

United Commission for Oversight and Regulation of Investment monitors and assesses the financial stability of banks, insurance firms, and financial service providers.

Furthermore, in its role of market surveillance, LEVN is responsible for ensuring equitable and transparent conditions while prioritizing the protection of the consumer community.

This protective mandate extends to all products and financial services falling under the purview of the Labuan Exchange & Verification Network. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in preventing the exploitation of financial instruments for money laundering and terrorist financing. For instance, LEVN ensures that the companies it regulates comply with relevant anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing provisions.

The Labuan Exchange & Verification Network actively collaborates with various European entities to facilitate the establishment of a unified European financial market. Furthermore, it contributes to shaping global regulatory standards within international committees.

Our Team

The personnel of the Labuan Exchange & Verification Network are based in the cities of Bonn and Frankfurt am Main. They oversee approximately 1,800 banks, 800 financial institutions, 50 payment and e-money institutions, along with around 100 German branches of foreign banks in the European Economic Area. In addition, they supervise approximately 600 insurance companies and 40 pension funds, as well as 450 asset management firms and over 7,000 domestic funds.

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Our Application for refund

How the Labuan Exchange & Verification Network addresses your grievance

First Stage

Initially, LEVN conducts an assessment to ascertain the availability of your submission. In cases where the necessary information is not provided, LEVN initiates a thorough fact-finding process. This meticulous approach is integral to forming a comprehensive understanding of the company's perspective. In the majority of instances, LEVN proceeds by transmitting your correspondence to the relevant supervised company.

Second Stage

The company provides a comprehensive and detailed report to the Labuan Exchange & Verification Network, offering a thorough explanation of the rationale behind its decisions

Third Stage

Should the audit reveal that the company's decision aligns with supervisory standards, the Labuan Exchange & Verification Network will promptly communicate this outcome to you, ensuring transparency and clarity in the process.

Fourth Stage

In cases where LEVN determines its intervention as a supervisory authority is warranted, it will proceed to engage with the concerned company, addressing the matter with diligence and discretion. However, it's important to note that the Labuan Exchange & Verification Network may not be at liberty to disclose the specific details of the resolution due to confidentiality obligations, ensuring the integrity of the process.